Healthcare Workers Go The Extra Mile

Just a week and a half ago, we bid farewell to a colleague who is moving to Texas. It was years of working together for a majority of the staff members, and the void is now a point of reflection for most of us who continue caring for our patients at NSPC. Work ethics, composure, and compassion are among the many required qualities of a healthcare worker. Due to recent COVID afflicted times, healthcare workers have been portrayed everywhere as heroes. It is really necessary to identify with this role at any level of the hierarchy. Dealing with the challenges when working in healthcare is always a shifting dynamic. Even in an outpatient setting, it is crucial for workers to meet the balance between the expectations of patients and the best possible treatment they can provide while staying realistic. Every patient brings to us a different story and every patient leaves us with a different experience to apply towards more to come. No matter what we are dealing with on a personal level when with the patient, that smile is always there so he or she feels better. When we lose good workers, we realize how much they contributed to the running of a healthcare setting. The open secret to patient care is a compassionate word and a patient ear that will listen. Moreover, some providers and their teams go the extra mile to invest in their patients’ care. Dr. Mohammad Ahsan is one such example; he prepares for his patients the night before so the care is well aligned to produce optimal results. This effort is recognized and applauded by the staff around him as well as it being apparent to the patient that their care is of utmost importance. When we see patients in pain, we offer a patient ear to their concerns, and narrations of how the pain has gotten worse, how they suffered a fall, or how the medication does not seem to work as well as expected. For this role, the gatekeepers are front desk staff as well as the clinical triage line, working tirelessly to provide the best possible response for patients. Dr. Yuriy Bukhalo and his team are very compassionate in offering immediate appointments depending on the patient’s pain level, listening to their concerns, and offering a personable foundation to the relationship. All our providers work diligently with referral coordinators to do their best in providing same-day interventions. Clinical offices, and especially specialist offices, are well known for a wait time before seeing the providers. We are no exception, and due to the fact that our providers spend an appreciable amount of time with patients individually, there tends to be a slight backup. A lot of our patients actually understand that since they in turn receive the appropriate time with their doctor. Dr. Meghan Bhave is well loved by her patients and is very concerned and compassionate towards her patients, their needs, and expectations. She and her team will not hesitate to go the extra mile so the patient feels comfortable. From a healthcare worker’s point of view, when we start our day, our focus is fully on our patients, and this is true for all levels of the hierarchy in the healthcare system, including non-clinical administration support staff. Patient care is the reason any issue that needs fixing is expedited at all levels of any healthcare organization. We care, is all we want to convey. 

Business Insights Presented by Shooa Mohammadi, MPH for Northwest Suburban Pain Center Northwest Suburban Pain Associates